Thursday, June 18, 2009


This was for school... its called an I-am poem...


I am poem

I am-Alone and obsessed

I wonder-When her love will flow, but alas I do not know

I hear- The twang, of cupids bow, but oh, twas so long ago.

I see- That she, must be for me, if I am to continue to be, but oh no

I am- Alone and obsessed

I pretend- That she is mine

I feel-The burning passion, I hope that she might one day find

I touch- The air, where she once stood, until people start to stare.

I worry about-What I will do, when eternity is through, and I am without you,

I cry about- The fact, that our love is not exact, for I cannot ask her to make such a pact.

I am- Alone and obsessed.

I understand- That not all love is true

I say- To that, every morn, my true love is born anew.

I dream-That she will be mine, and all will be well, or else I fear I shall see hell.

I am- Alone and obsessed.

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