Monday, August 17, 2009

Kazoo Blues.

Hey guys... this was a request from my bestest buddy Ms.Kazoo!!! 2nd requested poem...(1st was Tides, that was for Super Sage)

also~ this is a rough draft....

Kazoo Blues

The realms of my soul,

Intermingling together, through a black hole.

Dark against light, a classic story of thief meets knight.

I wish I could steal her heart,

And find the true meaning of “never to part”.

But alas, that is not right!

As she could fall from a building,

She could fall from a tree,

But the worst way to fall,

Is in love with me!

For but the years I have left,

She has double,

Could I knowingly make her endure,

All of that trouble?

Sunday, August 16, 2009



If I were to die tonight, would anyone care?

Would anyone see?

Would I make a sound, or die like a tree?

And If I die like a tree,

How would it come to be?

Would I fall with the force of an oak?

Or would I suffocate in my own pine smoke?

Could man cut me down, like so many others?

Would I drown in my own tears, for my fallen brothers?

However I come to be,

I can only hope I end just being me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



Why oh why, does my mind play tricks on me?

Moving back and forth… like the tide of the sea.

While everyone else says it’s simply just not to meant to be.

I don’t care I say!

Age is number counted only by the fools and the tools!

And who needs these silly rules?

When neither of us can keep our true feelings at bay!?

And back again, the tides of love do sweep!

What if I am wrong? And my feelings she will not share?

Will she be kind and gentle? Or leave my heart in a snare?

And when I have no tears left to weep, I fall into the blackness described to me as sleep.

Why oh why, does my mind play tricks on me?

Moving back and forth… like the tide of the sea.

While everyone else says it’s simply just not to meant to be.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let it flow

This was another one for school... its an acrostic lol...


I n my thoughts

L onely words cannot describe my feelings

O f all the people, my heart demanded you

V iolent passion burns within me, bright and true

E xaggerating I am not, but

Y ou can never know

O h how much I love you,

U nless you let your own love flow


This was for school... its called an I-am poem...


I am poem

I am-Alone and obsessed

I wonder-When her love will flow, but alas I do not know

I hear- The twang, of cupids bow, but oh, twas so long ago.

I see- That she, must be for me, if I am to continue to be, but oh no

I am- Alone and obsessed

I pretend- That she is mine

I feel-The burning passion, I hope that she might one day find

I touch- The air, where she once stood, until people start to stare.

I worry about-What I will do, when eternity is through, and I am without you,

I cry about- The fact, that our love is not exact, for I cannot ask her to make such a pact.

I am- Alone and obsessed.

I understand- That not all love is true

I say- To that, every morn, my true love is born anew.

I dream-That she will be mine, and all will be well, or else I fear I shall see hell.

I am- Alone and obsessed.

Is it so hard to see?

I close my eyes,
I see your face.
I close my mouth,
And hear no faith.

Is it so hard to see,
That we are meant to be?
Just give me a chance,
For all I ask,
Is one dance.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Every Second Beat

If I had a thousand pages,
Of all the reasons I love you,
You could never read them all,
For the List would be too tall.

I love you for the melody,
I hear within your voice.
They way your sparkling eyes hold me captive,
but by my choice.

I love you for your gentle hands,
that melt away my pain.
I love you for your loving heart,
That keeps mine beating again and again.

I love you for your beautiful smile,
Which makes my hear soar.
These are just some of the reasons,
Every second beat is yours.

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